20 Newest Haircuts for Women and Hair Trends for 2023

Valentino 2023 is one of the best things happened on Earth so far. The last fashion week has finished peacefully, without anyone killing anyone or violating the universal human rights. This wasn’t the goal of fashion in the first place. We need to stare at the outfits of these high-end desugners in order to get motivated. Still, we are not looking at the intellectual side only. What is of a higher relvance lies rather on the surface. Valentino released some adorable pieces of clothing that are worth dying for. Actually, I look forward to checking out these outfits donned by the celebrities and how exactly they will style them.


Valentino 2023 is very controversial itself. On one side, it is very simple and moderate; on the other hand we spot quite a diversity of designs and patterns. I like this dual character of the collection, as it definitely adds a specific zest to the line. You will be overwhelmed by all the outfits presented on the runway.


While some dresses feature a very plain design, there are others that astonish with plenty of embellishment and vibrant colors. Something that we were not introduced yet has a very soild presence in Valentino collection.


I absolutely adore the large polka dot patterns that the first outfits are designed in. They add a certain zest to the collection: I am not sure whether it is a tribute to the past or just abstract doodles on the fabric. Anyway, the line seems to be very strong in terms of subordinating poor ladies. Not a sinle woman will ever find enough strength to not buy a little piece from this wondrous collection.